About us

About us

Laboratoires Colba has been producing quality natural health products since 1983.  Joseph Bassili, President and CEO, purchased the business with four partners in 1995 and has been the sole owner ever since.

The company has three distinct trademark logos, The Root of Life, Innovation and Alpen Secrets, distributing throughout Canada, the United States and overseas.  The Root of Life Brand produces and distributes natural health supplements, Innovation is a producer of hair care products and Alpen Secrets is a line of bath and body products including soaps, salts, etc.

The company’s The Root of Life brand offers a unique product line, catered specifically to the Quebec market. The ampoules are formulated and manufactured in house. Each vial contains specifically chosen herbs, vitamins and minerals, such as ginseng, spirulina and echinacea.   The products are packed, quality controlled and licensed by Laboratoires Colba.  All products are registered with Health Canada.

With a strong and growing product line, the business has recently been selected by Accès pharma at Wal-Mart as the Top Supplier for 2014 in the Quebec Wal-Mart pharmacies.

Colba Laboratories wishes to offer its clients not only the best products present on the market, but also the best possible service. The sales strength is made of experienced sales representatives that cover the Quebec territories; the products are sold as well throughout Canada. The numerous visits of our sales representatives assures a more competitive service for the clients.